Here's What You Need to Know.

Whether you’re a Classical Conversations® parent or leader, we want to come beside you to support you even more in your homeschooling journey.

In 2022, you’ll receive several new benefits aimed at providing more robust equipping and support so you can continue to homeschool with confidence.

Benefits and Pricing Structure

We have been working behind the scenes for more than two years, and we have some really exciting news to share. While these improvements do come with some updates to your community membership and our pricing structure, we want to assure you they will enable us to deliver the best resources to make the best investment in our local communities.

Here at CC, we intentionally don’t raise prices 3–4% each year like many public and private schools do. Instead, we fight to maintain low costs for community members. However, we must occasionally update the pricing of enrollment to continue to give the best possible resources to homeschooling families and to invest in our local communities. 

So, what you’ll find is that although the price for 2022–2023 enrollment will be raised from previous years, we will also be adding value for community members with all-new, additional benefits.


Benefits for All CC Families

With 2022–2023 enrollment, all community members will receive access discounts and promotions from over 50 third-party partners as well as a brand-new, mobile-friendly online tool with forums and thousands of practical, digital resources to use throughout your homeschooling journey.

Intuitive Platform Navigation That Is Also Mobile Friendly

The new online service is intentionally designed to be easy to use from any device, meaning that you can access thousands of practical resources—including video tutorials, audio files, e-books, and digital documents—conveniently from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The site is streamlined and intuitive, allowing you to locate specific materials quickly and easily.

Homeschool on the Go!

This online tool makes learning in the local park or on a long road trip easier than ever, with convenient access to all-new digital versions of Classical Conversations necessities, including the Foundations and Essentials Curriculum and Challenge guides. Also, new online forums available on the platform help you connect with other parents in your local community and from around the world directly from your mobile device. All of this is accessible wherever your homeschooling journey takes you.

Convenient Preparation—Plan Less, Play More!

Since all the content on the new site is conveniently ordered by week to align closely with the guide of your enrolled program, there’s no need to spend so much time searching for homeschooling resources anymore. Everything is all in one place, organized for your family! And if you’re ever in need of something specific, the entire library is searchable by program and week, so you can find any resource in just a few short seconds. Also, upon enrollment, all community members will receive access to the first six weeks of academic content on the site as well as numerous other discounts and promotions from Classical Conversations’ partners.

This Year, Continue to Homeschool with Confidence

Have questions? Take a look at this FAQs page to find answers, including details on the new pricing structure. Afterward, if you still have questions, contact your local community leader, who will gladly answer any of your questions.

In the upcoming weeks, stay tuned as we release further details about these new benefits and other community enrollment and membership information for 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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