Classical Learning Cohort

Learning through practice and hospitable assessment

Grow in confidence and competence as a Tutor, Director, Leader, and now Parent-Teacher!

What is the Cohort?

  • Groups of 6 Members
  • Meet bi-weekly online 6 times each semester
  • Observe lessons presented by experienced Mentors
  • Practice leading mini-lessons
  • Practice giving & receiving assessments 
  • $200 per semester

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Our mission is to help CC Directors, Tutors, and Parent-Teachers grow in confidence and competence as Classical educators. We do this by embodying Classical forms and pedagogy in a way that aligns with the practice of our Challenge programs and by offering multiple opportunities for member presentation and hospitable assessment each semester in an intimate cohort.

The Classical Learning Cohort is meant to support Classical Christian Community.

"The Cohort has helped me to love the Lord with my heart, soul, and mind, and to love my students as myself."


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