Copper Lodge Library

Preserving Yesterday’s Stories,
Building Your Family Library

The Copper Lodge Library® series of books preserves timeless stories of the past, fosters both moral imagination and meaningful conversations, and helps build beautiful family libraries.

The Secret Garden Book

Copper Lodge Library

Preserving Yesterdays Stories

Fables, fairytales, literature, and stories can easily be lost to the next generation. At Classical Conversations, we want to hold on to the good, true, and beautiful stories that have been our inheritance and keep them for generations to come.  We want to retain good stories and publish them in lovely, well-designed books that will stand the test of time. 

We know a good story transcends time and space, builds moral imagination, and shapes who we are. The soul of a society lives in its stories. The problem is good stories in beautiful books are disappearing.

The Copper Lodge Library series of books offers a solution.


Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” Walden, Henry David Thoreau

What Is Copper Lodge Library?

The Copper Lodge Library includes a wide range of curated literature, from the required reading in the Classical Conversations curriculum guides to optional stories that enhance explorations of history, literature, science, and Latin with younger readers. You can purchase copies of many of these classic works from tag sales or online thrift sites.  

But, we’re pretty sure you’ll want these books on your shelf for these reasons:

  • Each Copper Lodge Library book contains a thoughtful introduction written by a Classical Conversations curriculum developer, so you can trust the ideas, questions, and content.
  • There are ample margins, should you desire to annotate your edition. 
  • With plenty of white space, thoughtful selection of font and spacing, these books are suited for both reading aloud and independent reading. 
    Annotations help with context, definitions, and information that guide you through the story.
  • Every Copper Lodge Library edition is crafted as a durable, high-quality, well-made book.

And the best part? These quality stories that you can trust will help cultivate wisdom and are presented from a Biblical worldview!

English Epic Poetry Books

Why Build Your Personal Library with the Copper Lodge Library Series?

Parents, as you introduce and journey through the pages of these time-tested works, you are sharing ageless truths with your student. Memories of your voice, the conversations spurred by the characters and events, and the imaginations and activities that stem from these stories will become part of your family history. Relevant for readers of any age, it is our desire that your children’s children will hold these same books and that your shelves will be filled with stories ready to be inherited.

Additionally, these lovely editions of unfading classics fit right into your Classical Conversations community day! Having the same edition of books means Tutors, Directors, and students seamlessly explore the text together. With Copper Lodge Library editions of the assigned Challenge curriculum, you can be confident that you are equipping your student with materials that perfectly align with the guide.

What Does Copper Lodge Library Include?

The Copper Lodge Library offers read-alouds to help families cultivate a lifelong love of reading.

  • The Echoes series covers stories, myths, fables, and poetry from throughout the ages and around the globe.
  • The Rome series gently introduces families to Roman history.
  • The Uncle Paul series sparks curiosity about the wonders of nature.
  • Then, older, independent readers encounter junior classics, short stories, and adult classics.

There’s something for every age group, and each book is endlessly revisitable.

Pride and Prejudice Book

Now You Can Build a Family Culture That Strengthens Moral Imagination and   Fosters Meaningful Conversations!

You can rest in the knowledge that any one of the books in the Copper Lodge Library series will feed the souls of your family. These books, created from a trusted, curated source, are designed to go the distance as you train lifelong readers and learners!

We hope you’ll be inspired to put these books in the hands of your students, giving them their own copy—and to keep a copy in your collection for generations to come!

As you engage with the stories and one another, you’re not just filling your mind or the air with words.

You’re teaching virtue, imparting wisdom, and teaching discernment and so much more as the characters, events, and themes leap off the page. You’re building a culture of shared stories. You’re making memories and growing in wisdom.

Wherever and whenever you read a book from the Copper Lodge Library series, you, too, are preserving yesterday’s stories while building your family library.

It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.” —C. S. Lewis

Who Is Copper Lodge Library For?

Relevant for readers of all ages, Classical Conversations members will derive unique benefits by having these books in their hands!

Several Copper Lodge Library titles seamlessly supplement the Foundations experience with distinct titles developed as companions for all three cycles of study. Not limited to just young learners, each of these titles are suitable supplements for older students as well. 

Seven titles in the series are dual purpose with classic content and alignment with Challenge-level requirements. Releasing in 2024, three additional titles are planned that directly correspond to assigned Challenge reading selections.

An additional nine titles are available as readers for younger students which explore history, science, literature, and Latin. And you can look forward to new releases every year.

But don’t assume you need to be a member of a local Classical Conversations community to access the benefits of these delightful books! Available to anyone through our Classical Conversations Bookstore, this series is accessible to any reader.

The Secret Garden Book

How to Use Copper Lodge Library

Imagine a rainy day with a little one snuggled up to you. As the rain drums on the windows, reach for a Copper Lodge Library book, and add your voice to the sound.

Can you envision being at the family table and discussing with your teenager how one should approach decision-making in the world? Turn to that highlighted passage in your book that expresses decision-making truths so well.

It’s the dog days of summer, and the children are spread out on a blanket under the shade tree. Let the heat of the day slip away as the pages turn and you build core memories with your kids, one story at a time.

Perfect for reading aloud, suitable for independent reading, and intended as part of the spine for your family library, there are a wide range of applications for these books. In addition to being aligned with Classical Conversations curriculum, these are also stand-alone publications.

Ideal for morning baskets, supplemental reading, summer enrichment, gift giving, and much more, CC members will be especially equipped with the assets available in CC Connected to amplify and enhance their reading experience!

In a Challenge B class of vastly differing opinions and personalities, [Tanglewood Tales] was unanimously one of the favorite books of the year!” —Stephanie

Copper Lodge Library Products

Ages 4+

Exploring Insects with Uncle Paul-1

Exploring Insects with Uncle Paul

Exploring Insects with Uncle Paul is the first of three volumes about nature, designed to help families explore the wonders of creation together. Families can stimulate curiosity by reading about the amazing details of God’s creation. Cycle 1

Exploring the Heavens with Uncle Paul-2

Exploring the Heavens with Uncle Paul

This book is the second of three volumes about nature, designed to help families appreciate the wonders of creation together. With Uncle Paul and his niece and nephews, get outside with your family and explore the wonders of the sky! Cycle 2

Exploring the Oceans with Uncle Paul-3

Exploring the Oceans with Uncle Paul

This book is the third of three volumes about nature, designed to help families appreciate the wonders of creation together. Join Uncle Paul and his niece and nephews as they explore the wonders of the ocean—and much more! Cycle 3

CLL Kings of Rome_LR

Kings of Rome

Kings of Rome is the first of three volumes of Roman history, designed to be read aloud with even the littlest learners. The history of Rome provides the foundations of Western civilization and will augment the study of Latin vocabulary. Cycle 1

SC003-Senators of Rome Front_Cover_LR

Senators of Rome

This book is the second of three volumes of Roman history, designed to be read aloud with even the littlest learners. Continue the journey begun in Kings of Rome and watch Western civilization unfold. Cycle 2

SC004-Emperors of Rome Cover_V2_LR

Emperors of Rome

This book is the last of three volumes of Roman history, designed to be read aloud with even the littlest learners. Continue the journey begun in Kings of Rome and Senators of Rome, and watch Western civilization unfold. Cycle 3

CLL Ancient World Echoes cover_LR

Ancient World Echoes

Are you ready to explore the challenges and beauty of some ancient territories? Your littles will love the human and animal characters, your middles will love the adventures and humor, and your bigs will love the new and deep questions under the surface of the stories. Cycle 1

CLL-Old World Echoes_LR

Old World Echoes

Spark your child’s imagination with a collection of stories and poems from long ago and far, far away. Copper Lodge Library: Old World Echoes is a rich resource that features stories from England, France, Germany, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and more. Cycle 2

CLL New World Echoes cover_LR

New World Echoes

Discover the undiscovered with the Echoes series. Let the rhymes, tall tales, and legends captivate your family with their humor, adventures, and thought-provoking questions. You and your children will be asking for more as you explore this delightful series together. Cycle 3

Ages 12+

CLL The Scarlet Letter cover-01_LR

The Scarlet Letter

This new edition of The Scarlet Letter presents Hawthorne’s classic story of judgment, sin, and forgiveness in a version that is produced in-house and specifically tailored for Challenge I students.

CLL-Up from Slavery_LR

Up From Slavery

Booker T. Washington wrote this autobiography in 1901, chronicling his journey from slavery to education to freedom. Washington advocates hard work and inner peace as paths to success.



From the wise quiet of the woods, Thoreau shares the reflections on humanity, society, and oneself that he had during his two years alone in nature. Students will find Walden relevant even today.

CLL-Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass_LR

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Like Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery, Frederick Douglass’s earlier autobiography speaks to the power of education. Though he is a slave for most of his life, Douglass learns the freedom and influence that come from knowledge, particularly literacy.


Self-Reliance and Essays on the Nature of Man

For Self-Reliance and Other Essays, Emerson drew from his own lectures and journal entries, processing his thoughts on self-reliance as a virtue. To be fulfilled, Emerson believed that one must follow his own dreams and desires, avoiding conformity to society.

CLL-The American Experience Storybook_LR

The American Experience Storybook

This delightful collection of history stories will whisk readers back to the old centuries in which they were written. This book contains an introduction on learning from a flawed world, short biographies of each historical “character,” informative and fun footnotes, and stories.

CLL-Tanglewood Tales_LR

Tanglewood Tales

Unlock the wonders of classic myths with Nathaniel Hawthorne's tales! Readers and, listeners of all ages will be captivated by the thrilling adventures of heroes, sorceresses, kings, and other legendary characters.  Prepare to be enchanted by these spellbinding stories, from “The Minotaur” (an Athenian prince’s conquest of a monstrous half-man, half-bull) to “The Golden Fleece” (the story of an aspiring king’s quest for a throne-winning symbol).

New Releases

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a 1911 novel written by Francis Hodgson Burnett. The story follows an orphan girl named Mary as she matures from a spoiled, sickly child into a content, healthy girl. This powerful transformation parallels the growth of a secret garden, which Mary tends with the help of a winsome boy named Dickon and another initially spoiled and sickly child named Colin.

English Epic Poetry

English Epic Poetry

English Epic Poetry is a collection with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (late 1300s, author unknown), selections from Canterbury Tales (late 1300s, Geoffrey Chaucer), and selections from Paradise Lost (1667, John Milton). This collection includes an introduction with historical context and tips for reading epic poetry, as well as footnotes to elucidate the text while reading.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is an 1813 novel by Jane Austen. The story follows wily and free-spirited Elizabeth Bennet and her family as they navigate English society. This journey is made challenging by Elizabeth’s sarcastic and uninvolved father, her silly and offensive mother, and three younger sisters who range from immaturely bookish to appallingly flirtatious.

Build a Family Library. Build a Family Legacy.