Educational Freedom

What you need to know.

Government-Funded Education vs. Privately Funded Homeschooling

Government-funded education goes by many names, including education vouchers, education savings accounts, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, charter schools, as well as other forms of local, state, or federal funding of K–12 education.

What do these mean for homeschoolers? How will homeschooling be affected? What position does Classical Conversations take on government-funded education? Read on to learn more.

"Let's eliminate all forms of government funding of education and be free indeed!"

—Leigh Bortins, Founder of Classical Conversations


Public education is currently funded by three primary sources: the federal government, states, and regressive local property taxes on senior- and middle-class families. That’s a problem. The federal government should have no sphere of influence on children at all. But that’s just the start.



Educational funding is a minefield of bad ideas. Parents are presented with “choices” that aren’t really choices at all, including: vouchers, tax credits, charter schools, and government-funded Education Savings Accounts. These programs are stepping stones to increased government control of home and private education.


With the shekels come the shackles.


Just because homeschooling is now legal in all fifty states and is beginning to develop mainstream status, let us not become complacent. Among the lessons learned from our Founding Fathers is that rights must be continually exercised and vigorously defended; otherwise, they will soon cease to be rights.



What are Education Savings Accounts?

What does this mean for homeschoolers? When parents take these funds, they sign a statement that they are no longer homeschooling, even if they may be educating at home.


What do I need to know?

Start with this article. Leigh Bortins, a pioneer in home-based learning who has helped over a million families enjoy a free-market education, explains in easy-to-understand language why we need to be concerned about government funding control of education.

Education and the Three Forms of Government: A Biblical Perspective

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