An Excellence in Education event is designed to showcase the hard work of our students and to demonstrate the lost tools of learning and the classical model of education to hometown communities and leaders. 

When should we hold these events?
We would like to schedule these events as close as possible to Constitution Day in September, Veterans Day  in November, or Presidents' Day in February.

What is it?
And Excellence in Education event is an opportunity to showcase our local communities to church, business, political, and other community leaders. The program should begin on your community day at 11:30 am and last about 30 minutes. Typically, Foundations children will recite memory work such as history cards and history songs. Challenge students can read portions of the Constitution or Bill of Rights and explain what their section means for U.S. citizens.

Visiting leaders are encouraged to stay for lunch and fellowship with families and students.

What is it?

  • Invite the church staff, local politicians, business owners, community leaders
  • Invite the local media including print and TV outlets to cover your event
  • Choose the recitations for Foundations and Challenge students
  • Plan the food for the luncheon
  • Post the event to the CC event calendar so folks can find an event in their area

NOTE: this is a great opportunity to involve your parents. Each of these areas can be delegated to a community parent. The luncheon can be a potluck by parents or box lunches from a local deli. Divide the cost among your families so that you can treat the visiting leaders to lunch.

How can I advertise my event?
Post the details to your personal and community Facebook pages and encourage families in your community to share this event! Check with your local leaders for sample flyers, phone call outlines, templates, and invitation samples.


Click the link below to visit our YouTube channel to see how these events work in different communities within Classical Conversations. 

Excellence in Education Events