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Kindergarten through college credit
An exceptional homeschool program plus an engaging, vibrant community.

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We believe that parents are the best teachers for their children.

Classical Conversations® is committed to helping families homeschool successfully through high school. 

Our program offers:

  • Opportunities for your children to earn college credit

  • Meetings once-a-week with other families in a thriving homeschool community

  • Community (in-person and online), encouragement and fellowship

  • Accountability and support from like-minded parents

  • Rich downloadable resources, online forums and video tutorials

  • Tried & trusted learning framework with recommended assignments

  • Trained parent-tutors that model the Classical approach


Weekly Communities 

We connect families with other families who wish to give their children a classical, Christian education at home.


Resources and Equipping

More than 50,000 families worldwide turn to Classical Conversations for educational resources and equipping.


FREE 3-Day Practicums

These free conferences for parents offer encouragement, inspiration, and equipping and training for interested educators.