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Our four podcasts enable us to share the major ideas from classical, Christian education as well as the importance of community with a broader audience than just Classical Conversations members. Listeners can expect to glean practical tips from the classical model, celebrate the ups and downs of parenting, think critically about pressing issues of the day, and navigate the challenges of homeschooling globally by listening to each of our shows. Ultimately, our podcasts aim to equip, encourage and empower not just homeschool families, but any parent or lifelong learner.


Refining Rhetoric

With Robert Bortins


Join Robert Bortins, CEO of Classical Conversations, as he interviews important thought leaders about critical topics in faith, education, business, and culture. Using the fifteen classical tools of learning to steer his conversations, Robert encourages listeners to seek truth in every arena of life.

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Blessings and Motherhood


Blessings and Motherhood is a podcast for moms at all stages of the parenting journey. Each episode is an honest conversation about navigating the ups and downs of motherhood—because we believe you can hold tissues and confetti at the same time. Find encouragement in Scripture, embrace comfort in community, and welcome laughter as you follow hosts Delise Germond and Ginny Tran on their own motherhood journeys.

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Global Homeschool Minute


Global Homeschool Minute aims to equip and encourage families interested in homeschooling outside the United States. Episodes are packed with stories about homeschooling in nations worldwide, advice for navigating the challenges of homeschooling internationally, and opportunities to help make homeschooling a global movement.

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Everyday Educator


Discover new resources for your home school, gain practical tips for teaching your children, and stay inspired on your homeschooling journey by listening to Everyday Educator. Hosted by Lisa Bailey, an experienced homeschool mom often joined by Classical Conversations guests, Everyday Educator breaks down the classical model of education into digestible bites. Keep a lookout for Everyday Educator, coming soon wherever you stream podcasts, or listen to the show online.

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We're the homeschool program that helps you cultivate an inquisitive, thoughtful child through an intentional, community-based approach. Learning together with families like yours, you're equipped with the tools and support to teach a Christ-centered worldview that's rooted in the classical model. 

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