Welcome to the Road to

Early preparation and planning will make your journey on the road to high school graduation at National Commencement more enjoyable. Please take a moment to attend to the tasks below.


Complete all five steps before February 22, 2024

1. Complete the Graduate Questionnaire
2. Write and upload your Graduate bio
3. Upload graduate and candid photos
4. Register for the graduation package

1. Fill out Graduate Questionnaire Submission Form

  • Contact information for parent and student
  • Interest in speaking opportunity during the commencement ceremony
  • Interest in participating on a student panel during the National Conference
  • Graduate's t-shirt size

2. Fill out Graduate Bio Submission Form

  • Write your Graduate Bio before filling out the form
  • Copy and paste your Graduate Bio into the indicated field on the form
    • The biography can be written by the graduate, the parent(s), or jointly
    • Use first person perspective
    • The biography should consist of no more than 130 words
    • Be creative, expressive, and personal
    • Things you might consider including:
      • Future educational and career plans
      • Expressing a heart of thankfulness to the Lord and your parents who provided you the opportunity to be homeschooled
      • Favorite pasttimes or hobbies
    • You are not required to include the information we suggest apart from your name, nor do we expect all graduates to use the format of the examples below.


Gracen Loraine Aldaya
Edinburg, Texas

Writing is my passion, books my lifeblood, and music my escape. I see life as a scavenger hunt for deep truths, wisdom, and beauty. Loyalty, sincerity, and ambition are my highest ideals. My dream is to write novels, speeches, movie scripts, Bible studies and anything else I can dream up. Above all, I want my life to matter. I have been blessed beyond description by faith, family and friends, much more than I know or deserve. I have been accepted and plan to attend Hillsdale College, MI. I will reside in a log cabin deep in the woods in the company of 20 cats.

Abigail Jennifer Collinsworth
Charleston, South Carolina

Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy, you can’t build on it, and it’s only good for wallowing in. —Katherine Mansfield

I am  the daughter of Debra and Jeffrey Collinsworth and have one brother. I volunteer regularly at church, and love sports, debate, and baking. My favorite CC memory is of meeting one of my best friends in Challenge A. I plan to study biology at Clemson University in the fall to prepare for medical school.

3. Upload a Graduate Photo

  • SampleGradPhotoColor or black/white
  • Jpgs, pngs, pdfs, are acceptable
  • 300 dpi
  • 1500 x 2100 px (5” x 7”) minimum
  • Photo should feature the graduate only – no pets, siblings, parents, friends, etc. Be aware that the photo will be cropped to feature the graduate from the shoulders up.
  • Graduates may optionally upload 3 candid photos that will be incorporated into the slideshow

4. Order your graduation package from Homeschool Diploma, which is included in your commencement registration! The package includes:

  • 8.5” x 11” Diploma & navy cover
  • Matte navy cap & gown
  • Navy & silver tassel

5. Fill out NAV Liability and Photo Release form

  • This form must be filled out in order to participate in the Grad Bash and the Obstacle Course.

I loved the special touches for the graduation and the way each student had prewritten a letter to their parents.”



Classical Conversations Commencement Attendee