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Have you heard abut The Math Map?
Imagine your one-room schoolhouse including math! The Math Map is a K–12 math curriculum currently under development by Leigh Bortins and a team of mathematicians, engineers, designers, and classical educators.

Our goal is to present college notation at a kindergarten level to invite Directors, Tutors, and parents into the math conversation.
Success in mathematics requires fluency in the language of math. The language of math includes the words, symbols, and images that define the concepts. Parents who complete The Math Map beta release of "Naturals" will develop familiarity with the notation needed to prepare to join the community math conversation. The Math Map beta release will help prepare parents to be  confident math teachers in their home school.

The Math Map team recognizes Tutors and parents need a hospitable ramp into the grammar of math to prepare for the national launch of The Math Map. We are releasing the beta materials of The Math Map's primary grades digitally to all Classical Conversations® parents with subscriptions to CC Connected®.

The Math Map and Classical Conversations are providing access to complete primary age lesson page sets, covers, conversation models, essays from the teacher guide, and a preliminary glossary. Each of these is still in the beta phase and will be edited prior to the official launch.

How do parents access the materials?
The Math Map materials will be released digitally on CC Connected on the Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge tiers six weeks at a time. Click on the button above to receive your invitation to join the conversation. 

How do parents share feedback in a beta launch?
The Math Map is for CC Communities, and your feedback is valuable to the development of the lessons. Email your comments, suggestions, and improvements to

Will there be any support for parents?
Yes, each week a video will be released that answers the most frequently asked questions submitted for that week's lesson.

What should you expect?
Our intention for this launch is to prepare parents. If you use the materials with your children, you will only have access to the weekly pre-recorded videos. Different levels are still being developed. The beta release is written at a primary level.

Where will parents find The Math Map materials on CC Connected? 




August 2, 2021

Weeks 1–6 of The Math Map materials, all covers, the travelogue and a glossary of terms

September 13, 2021

Weeks 7–12 of The Math Map materials

October 25, 2021

Weeks 13–18 of The Math Map materials

January 3, 2022

Weeks 19–24 of The Math Map materials

February 14, 2022

Weeks 25–30 of The Math Map materials


Email your comments, suggestions, improvements, and questions to:


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Included in your membership is not only access to the Math Map materials, but also the online community of home educators who discuss ideas on Forums, share ideas through File Sharing centers, and have access to a rich Learning Center full of videos and downloads. 

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